SAVE Club Springs into the Spring Season

Katherin Marino, Staff Reporter

The Warren Hills SAVE (Students Against Vandalizing the Earth) Club has sprung back into outdoor action as the weather has warmed up this spring. Juniors Lauren Anderson and Catherine Haas, community member Callie O’Neill, senior Chrissy Quinn and community member Josephine Noone stand over several garbage bags of trash they collected April 24 as they cleaned up the local Shabbecong Creek. Teacher and SAVE club advisor Jesse O’Neill met with SAVE volunteers at the Washington Community Garden to initiate the creek’s cleanup. Club and community members were encouraged to help restore the creek by any means possible, including picking up trash and using clippers to clear away vegetation. The club’s focus is on aiding the environment, often in interesting and fun ways. “SAVE gets students out into the community to help maintain resources like our local trails and to keep trash from polluting our waterways,” O’Neill said. “Each week, we meet to educate ourselves about environmental issues and plan upcoming events.”