Phys. Ed: Necessary or Not? – Pro

Stephanie Dunlap, Staff Reporter

At some point during almost every day of school, each student will walk down the 400 wing to a class that’s a little less than ordinary. Though not everyone’s favorite class, Physical Education is a break from the typical school day and a chance for students to have fun and socialize with one another outside the classroom setting.

Physical Education courses, often called “Gym” in the vernacular, have long been a favorite and least favorite class for many students. Warren Hills even offers Physical Education electives, like Physical Training and Basic Self Defense.

Sophomore Katrina Kling said that Physical Training, a Physical Education elective, is one of her favorite classes because “it is engaging and you get to move around. The rules are lenient and you have more freedom.”

Many students feel that Physical Education is an opportunity for them to let out energy and have fun with other students during the school day without disrupting class.

Sophomore Katey McLaughlin said that P.E. is one of her favorite classes for this reason. “It’s so fun to let off steam and energy,” she said. 

Physical Education also offers many benefits to students, including a break from the classroom, a stress-reliever, time to socialize and different health benefits. According to Interactive Health Technologies, “when students engage in P.E., they are able to burn [their] excess pent up energy.” 

This pent-up energy is what makes it hard for students to focus during class.

Physical Education courses are also a chance for students to socialize during the day and form bonds outside the typical classroom setting.

Sophomore Ellie Kachala said that her favorite part of the Basic Self Defense course, a Physical Education elective, “is that they teach us girls to have a strong sense of confidence.” Kachala said that the course also teaches the girls that “we all as women need to look out for each other.” 

         Other students said that they enjoy Physical Education because it is a much-needed break from the classroom. 

         “Some of the activities we do are really fun,” said junior Brendan Daly. “The activities are much preferable to sitting at a desk for an hour. I enjoy taking a break from all the school work and doing something that requires me to be active.”

Though Physical Education may sometimes seem like an unnecessary or outdated class, many students still enjoy this class for the same reasons:  taking a break from class, a chance to socialize and a fun way to let out energy.